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Product Information

Smart Glucose Meter (SGM) is a diabetes management solution that provides a convenient way to collect, store and automatically transmit blood glucose readings from compatible glucometers in real time. SGM easily connects to industry leading, data-capable glucometers. Once glucometer data is transmitted to a secure central database, logbooks and trend reports are automatically created and can be communicated to individuals, family members, caregivers and health care professionals in order to collaborate for better outcomes. SGM is mobile: it can be used anytime, anywhere.


Portable: Compact size of SGM makes it ideal for use when away from home.

Rechargeable Battery: Once charged SGM will stay charged for up to one week (length of charge may vary depending on usage).

Wireless: SGM uses the same AT&T GSM network that is accessible to 98% of the U.S. population.

Indication Lights: There are two indicator lights, one for data communication and one for power. This makes it easy and convenient to know that the device has power and is successfully connected to your glucometer and the wireless network.

Automated Reporting: Logbooks, trend reports, pie charts and histograms are available online through a diabetes management web portal.

Multiple Communication Options: Users may select to have glucose data sent via email, text message or fax.

Web Portal: Users and their selected family members, caregivers and health care professionals may access data via the web 24/7.

Ability to Share Data: Blood glucose data can be tracked by the end user and authorized family members, caregivers or health care professionals through our secure, web-based patient portal.

HIPAA Compliance: The SGM device, database and web application are designed to ensure a high level of security and confidentiality, and meet the guidelines set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Individuals & Families

SGM provides an immediate and reliable means of communicating your blood glucose levels to your family members and caregivers.


Easy to Use- No software, WiFi or mobile phone required.

Automated Reporting- Data from the SGM database can be accessed to automatically create logbooks and trend reports.

Available Anytime, Anywhere- SGM has a rechargeable battery and is the size of a mobile phone. It communicates via the same wireless network that is accessed by millions of mobile phone users.

Compatibility- SGM works with market leading glucometers.

Privacy- SGM is HIPAA compliant. Data is shared in a secure manner with those you choose.

Family Members

Peace of Mind- SGM helps family members stay updated with important information such as frequency of testing and results.

Greater Awareness- Access to readings makes it possible for family members to gain better insight into the well being of loved ones with diabetes.

Health Care Professionals

iglucose provides health care professionals the next generation of data management. Our integrated solution simplifies the process of tracking daily glucose levels and can also aid in remotely monitoring treatment plans. iglucose allows health care professionals to stay connected and informed of a patient's health status.

Improves Care Coordination and Collaboration - Glucose readings can be shared with health care professionals more frequently, facilitating additional support when needed. Having access to data facilitates more meaningful conversations.

Data Accuracy - iglucose takes glucose data directly from compatible glucometers eliminating the likelihood of human errors and omissions often associated with manual reporting. Better data helps to improve clinical insight and treatment decisions.

Better Management - iglucose data provides new insight into compliance and response to care plans.

Remote Monitoring - iglucose prevents exclusion of glucose data by automatically capturing and storing results with date and time stamp.

Patient Education - Automated reporting can improve compliance and increase the awareness of the connection between lifestyle and blood glucose levels.

Insurance Providers

SGM is an ideal, convenient and cost-effective remote monitoring solution for individuals with diabetes, health care professionals and insurance providers. Our simplified solution facilitates regular monitoring of individuals with diabetes and can aid in identifying the effectiveness of treatment therapies as well as adverse disease stages earlier, potentially reducing medical expenditures within the health care system.

Efficient Data Management - Efficient collection of diabetes data leads to better management. Better management can lead to better outcomes and reduced costs.

Complements Existing Diabetes Management Programs - SGM can be used by Certified Diabetes Educators or integrated with web-based wellness programs and telephonic coaching.

Accuracy - SGM pulls data directly from the glucometer eliminating errors and omissions often associated with manual reporting.

Ability to Track Compliance and Diabetes Supplies - SGM automatically tracks how frequently an individual tests glucose levels. This information is useful to reward compliance and manage costs.

Partner Programs

The SGM team recognizes the importance of working with strategically aligned organizations to achieve market adoption goals. We are growing our base of distribution channel and technology partners.

Complements Existing Diabetes Management Programs: SGM can be used by Certified Diabetes Educators or integrated with wellness programs.

Compatibility: SGM can be customized to support single or multiple glucometer brands.

Flexible Branding: SGM can be co-branded or private labeled.

Technology Partners: